Below is some history regarding the closure of St Alban's chapel in April 2016 as posted on the website at that time:-


The Roman Catholic Bishop of Northampton has regretfully decided that St Alban’s Chapel in Sheep Street Winslow is to close in April. The Rt. Reverend Peter Doyle will celebrate the last Mass at 11am on Sunday 10th April. It is something of a cliché, but for some parishioners this will be the end of an era.

There are several factors which have influenced the Bishop’s decision, chiefly the current shortage of priests in the Diocese and the need for expensive repairs to the fabric of the Chapel building, which is leased from the owners of Winslow Hall. Father Anton Webb, Priest in Charge, who is also RC Chaplain to prisons in the area, will continue with care of the parish, although he will have to move from his flat above the Chapel. Most of the earlier parish priests have also had prison responsibilities.

Thanks to the hospitality of the Anglican Diocese of Oxford, the congregation of St Alban’s is being welcomed to celebrate Mass in St Laurence’s Winslow at 6pm on Saturday evenings and 9am on Wednesdays. Other times will be announced in advance. The first Mass there will be on Saturday 16th April at 6pm. This is another example of the long standing friendly relationship between the churches and congregations in Winslow.

The Chapel of St Alban was established in 1948, when the then owner of the Hall, Geoffrey Houghton Brown, made what had been the Billiard Room available for Mass; the first being held on September 12th of that year.

After Winslow Hall had been purchased by Sir Edward Tomkins and his wife in 1959 a lease of 99 years was granted to the Northampton Diocese. Franciscan priests from Buckingham continued to serve Winslow until around 1965, when responsibility for provision transferred to Northampton Diocese. Alterations have been made to the Chapel over the years to accommodate the increasing numbers attending.

Photos from last Mass @ St Albans Chapel - Sunday 10th April 2016